Michael Franti, Ethan Tucker and G. Love jam in the Carribbean!

Check out this little jam we recorded on the Rombello 2 cruise to the Bahamas! Michael Franti, Ethan Tucker and G. Love got together on the back of the boat for an impromptu jam during Ethan’s set. This is what happened…

You can check out more of Ethan Tucker’s music at EthanTuckerMusic.com and make sure to catch him when he come thru your town this fall with Michael Franti! More info available on his site.

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BestCoastPro Collaboration with NOLA’s Dumpstaphunk Gets the Wall Street Journal Dancin to the Truth

Dumpstaphunk’s new video Dancin to the Truth debuted on the Wall Street Journal… of all places. When you think of some funk, some true gritty New Orlean’s phunk, so dirty that back alley Dumpsta is where it resides (I mean they have two basses come on); the Wall Street Journal doesn’t come to mind. But nonetheless WSJ picked up the newest release from Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk for an exclusive premiere.

Best Coast Production’s was glad to collaborate with Hubtuit, Big Chief Films, Red Hot Records, Silverback Music and Controlled Substance Sound Labs on this politically invested expression of Dumpstaphunk’s home of New Orlean’s, their style and some real Luisiana Creole Mardi Gras (check yo ‘pedia for Creole). Enjoy and show it some love!

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PEPPER – Ashes | Live at Sold Out West Beach Music Festival 2009

What up Best Coast Pros?! We at Best Coast Productions are headed out to a sold out California Roots festival in Monterey, CA this weekend featuring most of our favorite bands. In honor of the sold out West Coast festival, I think its time to release a classic from our boys at PEPPER! Check out this crazy show from 2009 and show it some love!

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Rebelution’s Sky is the Limit Video Reaches the 1,000,000 Mark

To all you BestCoastPros out there, congratulations to Rebelution for getting 1,000,000 views on their Sky is the Limit video. We teamed up with bassist Marley D. Williams, Change for Balance Productions and Creative Makers to create this blend of live shows, chill footage from Rebelution and Best Coast Productions hometown of Santa Barbara, studio footage from the Peace of Mind album and some trippy timelapses from throughout California.

Sky is the Limit is the first true music video for the band and it already hit the one million mark! This is a milestone for the band and Best Coast Productions. We’re stoked. Check it out and make sure to comment and show it some love.

Directed by Marley D. Williams
Filmed by Best Coast Productions, Creative Makers and Change for Balance Productions.
Edited by Andrew L. Anthony of Best Coast Productions.
Timelapse by Arran Alps of Best Coast Productions.
Additional Shots by Ian Yee of Best Coast Productions.

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311 in the Bahamas!!!

311 invited us to the Bahamas for a little beach party.

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Slightly Stoopid – Top of the World (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Picked up by MTV

The newest Slightly Stoopid music video Directed by Andrew L. Anthony has been picked up by MTV. Check it out here and show it some love!


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311 and Slightly Stoopid Hit the Road

Slightly Stoopid and 311 join forces for Unity Tour 2012. Made this video from footage from Slightly Stoopid’s summer tour last year. Good times ahead.

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So Much Love for the Hommies

Best Coast Productions has been getting after it! We currently have music videos on Latin American MTV, the US MTV networks and a video in Europe that’s number 2 currently on the MTV euro count down. This is just a beginning. Our collaborative efforts will be putting out a documentary Awaken to Lucidity in a few months, more hard hitting music videos and some more dope live concerts. I’m writing this on the way to the Bahamas for the 311 Cruise while my partners are shooting three more music videos this week including the up and coming Phora and the established Black Resume. I’m just stoked for the BCP family and friends. I wish the best for all you out there and if you haven’t got a chance to check out our work please do. We love you!

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Awaken to Lucidity

The Lucidity Documentary Crew is proud to have been a part of the birth of Lucidity festival in Santa Barbara.

The journey of the first Lucidity Festival has been absolutely life changing.
The bonds and friendships that the documentary crew made is something that we will always treasure.
We all literally made it past the storms into the embracing warmth of the sun.

The documentary is well underway.

We shot more than one terabyte of video, audio, and photos.
The team was able to capture a plethora of in-depth interviews from the Lucidity Crew and Lucidity Participants.
And yes, there are plenty of visual gems that were captured from many angles.
In the coming weeks, we will be going through every second of all the footage to craft the best narrative possible.

We will also keep on interviewing the key individuals that made the unforgettable weekend possible.

The goal of the film is to showcase the blooming transformative culture through the experience of Lucidity’s Birth Year.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported this collaborative project.

Go to luciditydocumentary.com for videos, photos, and updates on the film.  

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Best Coast Productions (BCP) teamed up to produce Rebelution’s newest video ‘Sky is the Limit’ off their chart topping triple album Peace of Mind.

SANTA BARBARA — Rebelution’s first official music video ‘Sky is the Limit’ features footage from BCP and Rebelution’s home town of Santa Barbara, the infamous Isla Vista which surrounds the UCSB campus, studio footage from the recording sessions of Peace of Mind and a myriad of live shows dating back to the imfamous West Beach Music Festival of 2009 which was the first show Best Coast Productions officially filmed the band. Rebelution’s album ‘Peace of Mind’ debuted at number 1 on reggae and independent charts as well as number 13 on the Billboard 200.

Andrew L. Anthony, CEO at Best Coast Productions, was excited about the release: “At BCP we’re happy to see our friends doing so well and grateful to be able to contribute our visual style to accompany a great song. We’ve been making some big hurdles forward as a company so the words of the song ring true for us too. ‘Sky is the limit! You can’t get me down!’”

Best Coast Productions collaborated with Change for Balance Productions as well as Controlled Substance Sound Labs, 87 Music and director Marley D. Williams the band’s bassist to produce the video.

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